All of my puppies are sold with copies of the parents health clearances and pedigrees.  They are on limited registration to the general public.

You can go to
and type in the parents registered name to view their champion pedigree and health clearances information. You can also view information for
their past generations on that website by clicking on the names on the pedigrees.
Contact me if you have other questions:
(704) 619-0161
All my puppies are started on Purina Pro
Large breed Puppy food.  
Changing their diet when they are young
can cause diar
heah.  Do it gradually if
you want to use something else.
many years of experience and trying
other foods, I keep coming back to Pro
Vet Visits-
All my puppies are checked out by the vet at 6 weeks of age.  New owners will be
given a vet record that they can take to their  first visit with their vet. They will need
to go to the vet every 3 weeks until they are 4 months old and get their rabies shot.  
After that they will need an annual visit with the vet.

(If you do not have a vet, I recommend that you get references in your area from
people who work with a lot of animals.)
Click here to learn about one of the best vitamins on the market.  Good nutrition can
add years to your dogs life. Nuvet can help boost their immune system. It is especially
good for older dogs... cancer prevention, skin issues...etc.
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Order Nuvet
Keeping your puppy Healthy
Add Seasons Gold on
*All puppies must be picked up at our farm, due to national regulations on internet sales. Please make plans and arrangements before sending a deposit . I also believe that the chemistry between you and your new puppy needs to be there and you can not see that from a picture.  That is like
picking your spouse on the internet and never meeting them. I believe it is best for you to meet the parents & the puppies in their home environment anyway. :)
Can you afford a new puppy?  It is not all about purchase price.  A puppy is a lifetime committment.  Here is a great article from Forbes magazine about the cost of a puppy.  
The price of our pet puppies for all deposits post dated after Jan.20 is $2500 There is a $300 deposit in order to put your name on the picking list. That deposit is refundable if I do not have what you want when it is your turn to pick.  Everyone picks
their puppies in the order of who put their deposit down first.  
The picking list is on the info page of my website so that you can see how many people are ahead of  you in the picking order. I can not hold up the whole list if I can not get in touch with you, so you need to
make sure I have your contact information and that you make arrangements to pick when it is your turn.  I will not keep someone's deposit if I do not have what you want.  I reserve the right at anytime to return a deposit if I feel that you are not a good fit for one of my puppies
or them for you. There is a chemistry between people and their dogs, just like the chemistry you have with your best friend, and I feel that chemistry is an important part of picking a puppy.
Checks must be written out to me at this address.  Please include info about your home pets and family.  Also contact information when sending your deposit....... Kary Love, 8140 Robinson Church Rd, Harrisburg, NC 28075

Please check the long waiting list on my info page before sending your deposit.

I occasionally have older trained pups or adults  
available - $3500 includes  basic training
You can also pay to have your puppy trained.
Contact me with info about your family and pets if
you are interested in being kept in mind for one of
Journey X Harbor
Easter Babies (April 4,2021)
4 girls and 5 boys

Salon X Khaki
Born April 1, 2021
3 boys and 3 girls
Zodie X Khaki
Born April 6, 2021
2 girls and 5 boys
Ci Ci X Khaki
Pups born April 7,2021
3 boys and 6 girls

The above pups should be ready to go home in Late may / early June

My next batch that are possibly pregnant, should have pups that would be going home in early Aug
Still smiling after her c section
Visiting - Visitors are welcome with appointments.  My mornings are busy with chores and dog time, so I do not allow visitors in the morning. It is best to text on a morning that you want to visit to see if we can plan a time that works for both of us.
Things come up around here quite often at the last minute, so hard to plan too far in advance. We enjoy our visitors. Visitors are a big part of socializing the puppies and they enjoy meeting you as much as you enjoy meeting them.

COVID _ With covid I have not been allowing as may visits; however, you will be able to meet and pick your own puppy. I am not allowing visitors in the house at this time.  You can see the pups when they are moved to the puppy building.  Masks are
optional but I ask that visitors respect my 6 feet of social space outside.

Time to pick? - Picking order is determined by who put their deposit down first.  The sooner you put down the $300 deposit, the higher you will be on the list when it is your turn. If I call you when it is your turn and you are not ready or not interested
in the pups that I have available, you can wait on the next litter or get a refund of your deposit. Since I do it this way,  it is always hard to know how long your wait will take. Many people put deposits down way in advance so they can be high on the
list when they are ready. Because of this, the picking order usually goes faster then people think.  The waiting list is on the Info page of my website.  If it says "waiting" by someone's initials, they are not ready for a puppy yet.  I do not know anymore
about when it will be your turn then is on this website.  Look at the number of people ahead of you on the waiting list and the number of pups.

Registration - The puppies are sold on limited registration to the general public. If you are wanting a dog to breed, you would need full registration. I will register the puppy for you.  You will have to bring a check written out to AKC for $35 for this.  
When I register the litter, AKC reunite will give you a free microchip. You will need to get your vet to put it in.