Helpful Information
OLD Summer Camp
We spent 18 years doing Horse, art and dog training summer
camps out here for kids. We love working with the animals
and kids.  We unfortunately don't have the time or horses to
do them anymore.  If anyone else wants information on doing
them, I would love to share my words of wisdom.  
Our  Horses
Cinda was
around here for
25 yrs and taught
many young
riders how to
RIP Cinda  
Picking order
($300 deposits
sent to me....address on front page)
Initials with preferance -
(Underlined have been picked)
1)BH Show  girl waiting
2) KH male
3) RH &TH Female Waiting til may
4)JC gold boy
5)ED Sept 2017 big boy
$1800******** ( 11/5/2016 )
6) RC after May
7)KV boy
8)TB waiting
9)EK&WW girl aug/sept Cameo?
10) AC  small calm girl
11) B&RS boy after aug
12)S&HS Calm Female lighter
13) A&AH Female after may
14)J&WB Maybe 2
15)CH girl
16)MJ & GB boy light After mid june
17) SJ &J small girl
18)NP Male
19)W&TS Female
20) C & JW gold male after mid june
2)WW Aussie or golden
23) KK
24)J&MB Girl
25) F&BM female after July
26) BB

updated 6/

Aussie List
1) ML
2) WW

3) BC
4) AI
We have barn cats...Griffie (18) , Lurk (Feral but  has had  shots)
,Patches (16)  and Cookie( new kitten to keep old guys on their toes)
If you like our safe, secure, kennels; Vince sells
them at work. He can help you figure out what works
best for your situation.
His work no: (704)436-6401
Pasture Managment systems
What is your favorite color?
AKC American bred goldens
come in 3 basic shades of
Dark Gold, Gold, and
Light gold.
Charlotte area Dog
walking and sitting
704 661 6365
for her dog training
Puppy shopping list
Starting Crate training -
For $100,(Thomas who works here
and lives in our guest house) will
bring your pup in the house and get it
used to a crate for a week before you
take it home. This helps reduce the
stress of the first couple nights.  
Newest Golden
Picking Order-   This is all the
information I have on who is above you on
the picking list.  If litters have not been born
yet, or have not been checked out by the vet
to make sure they are healthy, I have no
idea how many are going to be available
when it is your turn to pick.  You can get an
idea by seeing how many pups each dog
has and looking at where you stand on this
list.  The rest is up to mother nature.    
Recommendations and  Favorites
Many people think that shaving your
golden's coat makes them
cooler......Since they do not sweat like
us, this is not true. Here is a good
article about why ....  
*Pro plan large  puppy food
*Food Bowls
(plastic can turn their nose pink)
*Collar. Puppies wear around 10-12" at 6-8
weeks. Adult Goldens usually wear 20- 22"
*ID Tag -very inexpensive insurance

*Leash -Slip style leads are good for trained
dogs and knowlegable dog handlers, not to be
handed  to child to drag a puppy around

*Crate- When used properly, a crate makes potty
training easier and teaches your puppy to hold it.  
Small size will last til they are about 3 mo old, so
get a medium if you want to use it longer.  If you
want one to use forever, get the large or XL
*Natures Miracle -a must for cleaning up
*Bitter apple - to prevent chewing
*TOYS -Kong  is most durable.-  A must to keep
puppy from eating your house during teething
*Puppy Shampoo - (I like oatmeal based
shampoo for my older dogs)
*Ear wipes

*Toe nail clippers
*Grooming brushes

*Hot Spots - Anything that itches can cause
hot spots.  It is important to stop the itching as
soon as possible because they can get worse
quick.. You may need antibiotics from the vet but
this helps until you get there.

* Vet products and knowlegable answers on
how to use them, Call:
Heartworm and Flea  Meds-  I rotate
mine. Ask about this if you want to know why

All Natural Flea and Tick control for
your environment-

(Not good for them to inhale)

Brewers Yeast - .For places without a big
flea problem (and during cold months of the
year), or with pregnant dogs, can use Brewers
Yeast, to repell fleas. Never give it to nursing
Moms because it makes their milk taste bad.
Not hungry?Mix human chicken baby food
in regular food so you don't upset their
stomach by mixing new food in.  Chicken
baby food is the mildest thing to mix in that
tastes good.
Eating too fast?
Shedding -Goldens shed and a simple quick daily
brushing gets the hair on the brush instead of your
furniture.  If you totally can't handle  shedding, you
can use a shedding formula, but you need to take
them off it in the spring so they can blow their coat.
Overheating - Since dogs sweat thru their
paws, the fastest way to cool your dog down is
to cool off the paws of their feet.  Rubbing
alcohol can be used in severe cases.
Barking- Tell them to hush and then spray
this....Doesn't need to be close, it can help with
most barkers...(even if it is your neighbors).
NuVet is a daily treat that they LOVE and is critical
to protecting them while leaving mom and litter
mates and for a LONG- HEALTHY life.
Nuvet also has an awesome puppy shampoo
and ear cleaner
Trainers: Before signing up with a
trainer, get references or watch demos.  
Look for trainers who use positive
reinforcement.  Good trainers will have
happy dogs who are working because they
want to, not because they are being forced
into it.  Training should be building a
positive understanding between you and
your dog. Sending your dog to a trainer
without learning yourself, is like teaching
them in Russian and never learning the
These are the local trainers that I use and
who will come to your house to do in home