Golden Retriever pups of Charlotte, NC area
At Seasons Gold Golden retrievers, we strive to breed the healthiest and best natured golden puppies possible.  It is our goal to breed dogs that
do not have problems that will effect themselves or their owners.
We have an 11 acre horse farm for the dogs to romp on.  All of our golden retrievers come from top Champion lines and generations of health
clearances.  Our  Golden Retriever puppies' parents are checked by OFA for hip, heart, eye, and elbow problems before breeding them.  Also we
find that chronic ear problems and skin allergies are hereditary problems that can be in bloodlines so we do not breed dogs that have those
issues.  Fear of thunder can be a reaction to a bad experience but can also be associated with bloodlines.   Any dogs that have any known
hereditary problems that will effect them or their owners, are spayed and neutered and placed in pet homes.   Any responsible breeder should do
this to improve future generations of the breed.  With all the unwanted pets in the shelters, there is no reason to  breed more dogs unless it is
done in a conscientious, responsible way to improve the dog's chances of having a happy healthy life.  Imagine what could happen to all dogs in
just 10 years, if all breeders committed to doing this!  And if all dogs who were not meant to be bred were spayed and neutered to prevent
unwanted pregnancies and unwanted pets.  Many do!  I feel that golden retriever breeders, in general, have maintain fairly high standards,
compared to some of the other less popular breeds.  Thus, in general, we are improving our breed's  health and temperaments, and the Golden is
becoming one of the favorite multitalented breeds for family pets, therapy dogs, working/hunting  dogs and show dogs.  .  :)
On the other hand, we are not God, and can not control everything about the genetics of the puppies. Starting with healthy parents (grandparents,
etc....) takes much of the gamble out of it.  Dogs deserve to be as healthy as we can help them to be. Starting with good breeding, lightens the load
for your vet.
We have been raising golden retrievers since 1990.   Our golden Retrievers are full time for me.  I used to be a high school art teacher but enjoy
devoting 24 hours a day to them now.  We welcome visitors.  Call and set up a time to come meet our canine friends.
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Golden Retriever Puppies of North Carolina
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IABCA Concord show 2015
Finesse, Harbor, Harmony, and Mogi  brought home
new International Champion titles...YEAH!
Megan  loves her aussies. For more
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Our  first
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26 year reunion
25 Year Reunion
Our Reunion will be at the

Our Reunions
Colten's dog Lila, lost her tail as a pup.  Lila
goes with him everywhere. She's in the picture
here with Patron her Dad.
Keendog girls with Pumpkin pups
Our Groomer who has
Haven- Stephanie
Hold your Turkey!
It's almost Thanksgiving!